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Garden Goods

About Us

Started by Gordy and Julie Sovereign in 1995, Garden Goods was created with a vision to serve the northern Michigan market with knowledge, experience and expertise. We believe gardening is an information-driven business. We pride ourselves on possessing several master gardener certifications, certified nurseryman designations and attending classes or seeking the most current information. Gardening evolves, and at Garden Goods we promise to stay appraised of the most up-to-date practices and techniques and always be the leader in the market.

Gordy Sovereign; Michigan Certified Nurseryman
Gordy has an academic background in finance and accounting, so one of his main roles at Garden Goods is to manage the financial end of the business. More importantly, he’s often referred to as “Gordy Go Get” as the staff is always calling on Gordy and his shear strength to fetch or load heavy items. His talents don’t end there!

Julie Sovereign; Michigan Master Gardener
Julie’s background is in communications, but she spends most of her time behind the scenes, buying and merchandising or generally unloading items for the store. She’s a great one to ask for gardening advice from the store.

Robin Smillie; General Manager 
Robin has dual roles at Garden Goods. She is the face of Garden Goods, as she is the ever-cheerful and knowledgeable woman you will see at the cash register. Her last name, Smillie, fits her well! Robin also keeps the staff running smoothly by doing all the hiring and training.

Mike King; Michigan Master Gardener
Mike holds the record for being the longest (and oldest) member of the Garden Goods team. His tenure started in 1997 and you will recognize Mike as the snappy guy in the nursery yard with the pith helmet. When he is not sharing his plant wisdom with Garden Goods customers, Mike can be found riding along the bay front pulled by his eight Siberian Huskies. In the winter, Mike and his wife, Lee, put the dogs to work providing dog sled rides at Shanty Creek Resorts.